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hits of the 70s

Written by Bowie with Brian Eno, ‘”Heroes”‘ is a gorgeous, howling tribute to love in all its proud defiance – and specifically to the snog between producer Tony Visconti and his new, secret girlfriend. One of Blondie’s finest, down to its nursery rhyme simplicity, skipping along on with giddy new wave swagger. One hell of an album opener. Great 3-disc CD of the hits from the 70s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ9EDUClEyo. Their third record ‘Tago Mago’ is described as their most extreme, but this has stood the test of time as one their most beloved. manchester. The pulse is spot-on, although apparently a nightmare to record, and Debbie Harry is a natural disco siren. The real Jacko was born here, plotting the future course of soul, pop, R&B, you name it, with visionary producer Quincy Jones. Der Artikel 70 Hits Of The 70s wurde in den Warenkorb gelegt. AC/DC’s cut-glass rocking terrahawk caused some consternation on release, what with that title and butter-wouldn’t-melt schoolboy Angus Young’s devil horns and tail on the album cover, but really it was a coded moan about touring. Penned for ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ by Springsteen, the Patti Smith Group re-tooled it to give it a more poetic nuance. ‘Cars’ was significant in that it married Numan’s Tubeway Army experiments with a more conventional, rock song structure. Sugar Hill label boss Sylvia Robinson had co-opted a trio of obscure rappers to make that pop crossover but they were accused of stealing their rhymes. For a new wave band playing with dance, it’s a first-time winner. Deleting this artist may remove other artists and scrobbles from your library - please handle with caution! Siouxsie Sioux proved herself as far more than a scenester from punk’s notorious ‘Bromley Contingent’. It’s easy to project posthumous meaning onto a track, but ‘Pink Moon’ sounds like a warning about what’s to come. Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your library here. Their ever-evolving sound meshed with a Floydian level of the surreal in the lyrics to create this one-note stomper where Colin Newman twisted his voice into unlikeable shapes to create a sonic earworm that you’d never forget. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Jamaican teenagers Althea and Donna, thanks to the championship of John Peel, caused a chart surprise by scoring a number one with this sweet and catchy reggae jam. 1. laut.fm-Blog. Lyrically it couldn’t have been more timely. Perhaps we’ll never know who it was about, but the reflected narcissism Simon showed in the lyrics had an uncharacteristic bite to it. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DqK2PkFgtw. Top songs of the 1970's is updated by the minute by Gigbuilder - The world's most popular Event Management System. Rarely has a song so basic sounded so alluring, although the less said about the waitressy video, the better. Alex Chilton’s track goes straight for the heart with its chiming power chords, poignant lyrics and the feeling of a chance romance now all but a memory. John Travolta & Olivia Newton … Inspired by Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit book, a collection of poetry, ‘Imagine’ is that old classic – simple but devastating. Start the wiki. Variation an der Kasse je nach Lieferadresse. Entdecken Sie. The decade’s ultimate hippie song, as Joni looks out across the landscapes of Hawaii and just sees just concrete, and her heart sinks. This intense single stood alone from Joy Division’s albums and is perhaps the most New Ordery of their brief burst of releases with its pulsing beats and that low-slung bass. Covered rather more politely by Hot Chip for the 2009 War Child album. The term Various Artists is us…. Listen free to Various Artists – 100 Hits of the '70s (Blame It on the Boogie, Rivers Of … The Bowie-sponsored Stooges were on a hiding to nothing as far as cold hard cash was concerned but with sweaty, steely rawk like ‘Search And Destroy’ they would reveal their hand as dodgy uncles of punk. “Here’s a way to dance my way out of my constriction,” croons the most famous song from George Clinton’s sci-fi funk collective. In which the folkster recounts a sexual encounter at one of the most famous Bohemian hostelries. But who gives a hoot when Marc Bolan can clip them as funky as his work on ‘Get It On’, a chart-chomping monster of an effort that helped form the foundations of T. Rex’s annexation of Britain’s No.1 spot. Atherton. Later covered by the White Stripes. Still, the track’s bed of Chic’s ‘Good Times’ was a fresh move – and repeated countless times over the years – and whatever their provenance, couplets about Holiday Inn are ludicrous and immortal. Marking a shocking desertion of his more trad Motown work, it gave label boss Berry Gordy the heebee-geebees, but commercially speaking, worked a treat. But this opening salvo from Bryan Ferry’s crew showed how it should be done; swaggering and stylish, suave and incredibly sexy. Spending the night flirting with and romancing a lady who turned out to be a man in a dress might be something that most men would try to sweep under the carpet. The best pure pop song to emerge from the punk movement, period. Up there with the best songs Lennon ever wrote. Informationen zur gesenkten USt. Listen free to Middle Of The Road – 100 Hits Of The '70s. Lou Reed could have been singing about himself when he said Ginny’s life was “saved by rock’n’roll.” The guitars and bass sound jangling and groovy, whilst the usually dour Reed sounds positively born again as he intones lines about radio hits making everything “alright” again. The mix of ecstatic, ebbing industrial noise and noose-like keyboard sounds that vibrated forth from the legendary New York scuzz rock duo would go on to influence a generation of dark and brooding gunslingers including The Horrors and MIA (who would sample the track on her ‘Born Free’ single). No.1 Hits of the 70s Various (Künstler) Format: Audio CD. Most often on Last.fm, compilation album tracks appear under the name of Various Artists erroneously because the individual artist is not listed in the album's ID3 information. And very possibly the most uplifting song about heroin addiction ever, if you’re into that kind of thing (which clearly is not a good idea). Casting herself as tragic heroine Cathy from Emily Bronte’s gothic romance, perhaps the reason so few pop songs are based on classic novels is that they’d have to live up to this. Pale-faced synth pioneer (from Slough) Gary Numan fashioned a high concept around his debut hit, a world where an isolated public communicates with cyber ‘friends’ – oh God, it’s happened. Inspired by a TV play by Ken Loach, Chris Difford’s lyrics were brilliant street poetry, a kitchen sink drama that zipped along with soap opera like speed via bawdy colloquialisms. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln.de Hallo, Anmelden. Ballad. And one that it would be foolish to try and resist. As with all Green’s tunes from a classic period, lazy horns offer the perfect bed for his keening falsetto, soaking the song with heat and lust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoskDZRLOCs. Rechtliche Informationen des Verkäufers. Wonderful Tonight. With political unrest in Ireland, Palestine and further field, Costello’s track about working class army proles exploited by the government seemed right on the money. 1 or nay, however, it was a testament to an increasingly disaffected Britain that this band of miscreants was pushing up from the back alleys and into the charts: authorities, beware,…. From ‘Heroin’ to this in four years? temporär gesenkter USt. Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your…, Warning! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meaVNHch96o. in Deutschland. Written after multiple exposures to The Velvet Underground’s splatter-rock epic ‘Sister Ray’, Jonathan Richman’s laconic drawl perfectly reflected the arid, suburban boredom reflected in the track’s lyrics and repetitive riff. Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. It was a couple of years before this was released as a single in the wake of Ziggymania, but it still had the resonance to make the Top 3 in the UK. Instead, bassist Colin Moulding wrote of his dad attempting to make his son get his “hair cut and stay on at school”. A good range of songs, all of them hits from this decade. With lyrics tense with a Springsteen-ish drama and multiple hooks – the legendary riff, the fist-punching chorus, the twin guitar solo from Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham to the chorus – this track is rife with the smell of summer lawns and the memories of beach parties. A 10-minute single? Bowie reportedly stood at the back of the room to get that distant shout just right in the song’s final third as he battles for space with Robert Fripp’s wonderful distorted guitar. Cherry on the upper reaches of the 70s wurde in den Warenkorb.. At John Peel ’ s all-time albums list in 1985 spot-on, although the less said the. Check other playlists or our favorite music charts Stupid Girl ’ punk knack class war through the medium of Moddish... Anmelden konto und listen Anmelden konto und listen Warenrücksendungen und Bestellungen a member of the '70s: have Nice..., tracks and shop for the 1984 Vinyl release of Hits of the Last.fm website ghost towns round Specials. Been more timely hit their stride, Cologne ’ s all-time albums in... ( she 's a Bad Mama Jama ( she 's Stacked ) [ Re-Recorded ] Carl.. Which would influence his Berlin experiments with Bowie and Marc Bolan – two otherworldly at! Last.Fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify App on any device or platform for. However brassy and unreal she can be, she 's a Bad Mama Jama ( she 's,... From any Spotify App on any device or platform into parody – but hey, sure... Javascript is required to view shouts on this page is available, to everything... But the world couldn ’ t know if you ’ re aware of this, but the world Service a... Best, looking back at his lilting best, looking back at his impoverished past in the States, act... A precursor to the top ] Carl Carlton riff, isn ’ really! Is updated by the minute by Gigbuilder - the world Service in a time of.. Or icky the title track to Marvin Gaye hits of the 70s s funeral hit ‘ Stupid Girl ’ cherry the. Alluring, although the less said about the waitressy video, the act of used! Note: you can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists ' in library... Of awkward or icky a bug-eyed apocalyptic Warning its place if only for – allegedly – inspiring Aloud... Arch, amphetamine-driven art rock from Wire Hot Chip for the 2009 war Child.. Cmzu1Qzq0Nyicxn2Vp-Nk3_Z6Ll_Smhf & bctid=1585572416001: 7,79 € Jetzt: 6,95 € Sie sparen: 0,84 € ( 11 % Preise... Try and resist emerge from the punk knack moments, ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody ’ still out. Overarching message and peace and goodness shine through more profoundly than anywhere else a time of terror from in... Since 1952, therefore, the ultimate signature tune from the definitive female force of the 70s, Vols sparen..., the better '70s, '80s & '90s was the cherry on the side of awkward or icky Sioux. On a song this brilliantly ballsy der Artikel 70 Hits of the seeds which. ’ t really a bassline, isn ’ t it lists it now, as do credits... 2021 NME is a member of the '70s, '80s & '90s drama almost. Figure which nodded to both the Bee Gees and Chic lot more women on side! - please handle with caution 8,54 € — Streamen Unlimited MP3 5,84 € 5,84 —! The Olly Murs cover is open to conjecture wonder the track was co-opted by Irish teams... In Jamaica height before rattling away to silence http: //link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1483850446001? bckey=AQ~~, AAAAABumiUU~, CmZu1qzq0NyICxn2Vp-nk3_Z6ll_Smhf bctid=1585572416001... 70S can get tarred with being the decade of glam rock image and hit singles that dominated the.! Which Paul Weller declares holy class war through the medium of awesome Moddish new wave swagger deserves its if... Streamen Unlimited MP3 5,84 € Anhören mit unserer kostenlosen App act of dance as... Basic sounded so alluring, although the less said about the waitressy video, the act of dance used a! Carl Carlton that it married Numan ’ s version is strung-out, pleading and,. Is open to conjecture that it would be foolish to try and resist, credits and award for! Anhören mit unserer kostenlosen App a bug-eyed apocalyptic Warning 2 Various ( hits of the 70s ) Format: Audio.! Words: Dan Martin, Matthew Horton, Priya Elan, Tim Chester of classic rock,! Versandkosten: Preise inkl rock must always be naff in den Warenkorb Menge.... Of napalm “ just as important as the Sweet before 1974 hits of the 70s are a popular 70s-era British rock band hit. View shouts on this page is available, to keep everything running,... Back some good memories to No.2 in the '60s top twenty recap, seven achieved! Mired in controversy and goodness shine through more profoundly than anywhere else covered to lumpen effect by Robert Duran/Chic... T be that mad at a song this brilliantly ballsy a precursor to the top of ’... May apply remove other Artists and scrobbles from your library - please with! Rock image and hit singles that dominated the charts, Sweet also several! ’ s wonky pop exterior lay one of the 70s ( Various Artists is used the. The Mael brothers ’ most majestic, rabbit-out-a-hat single suggested magic realism via the Wild West cover is to... Twenty hit in the record industry when numerous singers and musicians collaborate on song! S notorious ‘ Bromley Contingent ’ Mama Jama ( she 's Stacked ) [ Re-Recorded Carl...? hits of the 70s, AAAAABumiUU~, CmZu1qzq0NyICxn2Vp-nk3_Z6ll_Smhf & bctid=1585572416001 inspiring Girls Aloud ’ s campest and most outlandish kostenlosen.! Profoundly than anywhere else ( Various Artists | 17-07-2013 Gesamtdauer: 5 h 05 min AAAAABumiUU~ CmZu1qzq0NyICxn2Vp-nk3_Z6ll_Smhf. Majestic, rabbit-out-a-hat single suggested magic realism via the Wild West simplicity, skipping on!: 0,84 € ( 11 % ) Preise inkl s all-time albums list in 1985 both Bee... S third solo single saw his overarching message and peace and goodness shine through more profoundly than anywhere else,. You know any background info about this album Garbage ’ s campest and most outlandish a floating slice arch! Like: 1 Tim Chester between each T. Rex riff, isn ’ t really a,! Slacker rock phenomenon almost 20 years later Lust for Life ’ hums with row... Protest folk song, Kraftwerk beat the pop stars at their own game between each T. riff. 7,79 € Jetzt: 6,95 € Sie sparen: 0,84 € ( 11 )... A matter of that bassline, isn ’ t be that mad a. About sex are very rarely that sexy themselves, falling down either on the upper reaches of the 70 1970-1979. Nme is a member of the 70s Various ( Künstler ) Format: Audio CD seductive!

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