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All aviation manuals, both operational and technical, are being regularly updated by the authorities who issue them. For Windows PCs, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, PocketPC, and MP3 Audio. Those could be components which are defective or which are time expired – meaning they require specific maintenance actions to be performed before they can be installed on an aircraft. DOW     – Dry Operational Weight – the dry operational weight of the aircraft. Per pax meaning in hotels and hotel industry: Per guest / per client / per occupant. AMM    – Aircraft Maintenance Manual – the main maintenance manual issued by the aircraft manufacturer. AIRLINE ACRONYMS. Passenger. Typically, the date of the C of A or the export C of A is used to determine the actual manufacture date of an aircraft. TT           – Total Time – similar to TSN, this is the total amount of flight hours accrued on an aircraft or aircraft component. Modern FDM systems record data from a series of flights and allow for easy access to the data by means of a QAR (quick access recorder). FADEC  – Full Authority Digital Engine Control – this is a digital device (a “computer” as some would say) which controls the operation of an engine. CofR      – Certificate of Registration – a certificate issued by the aviation authority. SATIS.”. Pitch - The legroom on flights, the greater the pitch the greater the legroom. Modern engines often don’t have a maintenance event referred to strictly as an overhaul. Share PAX in Aircraftpage. Aviation Glossary – Acronyms and Abbreviations. Associated federal aviation regulations for the particular flight, like seatbelt use, child restraints, lap children cell phone use, or a sterile cockpit rule. Your email address will not be published. What does PAX mean in Aircraft & Aviation? of an aircraft. The FDR records a large set of flight parameters. CMM    – Component Maintenance Manual – a maintenance manual for aircraft components. FAA       – Federal Aviation Administration – the US national aviation authority. Mission To produce quality airframes, engines, components and support equipment, and provide service that meet the Naval Aviation Enterprise's aircraft ready-for-tasking goals with improved effectiveness and efficiency. EOL        – End of Lease – often assumed to be the end of lease check. This is process of terminating an aircraft lease with one lessee and, typically, transferring the aircraft to a new lessee. Here on acronym.io, we define the meanings of all kinds of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms, including those relating to military such as PAX. Typically, general aviation refers to small aircraft used for private purposes. TE           – Trailing Edge – the aft (back) edge of flight surfaces (wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers). Previous Metric in the […] For now, there are only short explanations of each acronym, but I hope to be able to write a short blog post about most of them (for which it actually makes sense) and in this way create a comprehensive glossary of aviation terms. Aviation abbreviations and acronyms. In Europe, this certificate has no expiry date, although it may be revoked if the authority determines that the aircraft has permanently become non-airworthy. GA         – General Aviation – the sector of aviation, which does not deal with commercial air transport. CAA – Civil Aviation Authority ... [Not an acronym or an abbreviation but based on the initial idea that the centres would act like a bee hive. In the past a HUD could be found only in fighter aircraft and nowadays is present in most modern jets. VX-20, Pax SAR teams assist in rescue of downed Hawkeye crew The crew of "Watchdog 765," an MH-60S assigned to Naval Air Station Patuxent River's Station Search and Rescue division, which responded to an aircraft emergency near Wallops Island, Va., this past summer. Once this happens, those regulations have to be applied by all European member states. An aircraft without a valid ARC is not permitted to operate in Europe. The low pressure compressor is located at the very front of a turbine engine (in case of a turbofan engine, just behind the fan). Aircraft Maintenance Certification – Certifying Staff, License Categories and Internal Authorizations, Line Maintenance – Management and Main Challenges, How to Create an Approved Aircraft Maintenance Program, Aircraft Component Maintenance – Main Issues. It's not uncommon to see pilots disagree about how bad the weather is, whether the winds are bad enough to land on a different runway, even where to park when you get to your destination. Abbreviation for passenger(s) Term. One final thought: A thorough passenger brief is not only required by the FAA in certain instances, but it will set the tone for professionalism at the beginning of the flight and is especially important if there is a tendency for the operation to become casual, so although you might be tempted to forego the SAFETY briefing for the sake of time or because you don't want to make your pilot-passenger sit through it, think twice about doing it. US          – Unserviceable – a term used to describe aircraft components which for whatever reason cannot be installed on an aircraft. EZAP     – Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedure – the term is somewhat connected to EWIS. Ensure your pilot passenger is, in fact, familiar with the aircraft's emergency egress procedures, and be sure that there is no confusion about who is flying the airplane during normal or abnormal events. Aircraftology. Special care must always be taken that all new revisions are properly distributed and that each person is using the latest revision of each document at any given time. QA         – Quality Assurance – a set of tasks performed to ensure that all processes within an organizations are carried out in accordance with the aviation regulations and internal company procedures. Aviation Acronym: Description: I/0: Input/Output: IAS : Indicated Airspeed : IAW: In Accordance With: IB: Iron Bird (Hydraulic Simulation Facility) IBIT: Initiated Build-In-Test: ICAO : International Civil Aviation Organization (FAA) ICD: Interface Control Document: ICS: Inter-Communication(s) System: ICU : Interface Control Unit (TR) ICU Regardless, you want every passenger to be completely comfortable in your airplane from the beginning, which is why a passenger briefing is so important. TR           – Thrust Reverser – a part of a turbine engine, which changes the passage route of the engine exhaust in a way which reverses the thrust of the engine. Aspects such as landing fees are often based on the MTOW of an aircraft. Although the audit is not mandatory (IATA is not a regulatory body), most major airlines conform to those standards and also require their subcontractors (such as code share or franchise airlines) to conform as well. Each maintenance event on a component with a fixed interval is a “hard time”. It lists them in a form and manner which is very easy to use and very clear. It is also equipped with an underwater locator beacon, which helps search and rescue teams to locate the unit under water. EWIS     – Electrical Wiring Interconnection System – an acronym used to describe the wiring system on an aircraft. The LOI specifies vaguely the condition of the aircraft and the financial requirements, but also determines that the final lease will take place once all assumptions have been met. The purpose of carrying the D&B in the cockpit is to ensure that pilots and line station mechanics can determine whether a dent is new and requires evaluation or whether it has been already evaluated in the past. Details. The IOSA is performed by a third party company, and ensures that all manuals and procedures within an airline meet the strict standards of IATA. BITE       – Built-In Test Equipment – a BITE test generally means, that a given piece of equipment (mainly avionics – electrical and electronic equipment) have test procedures built into them. REV        – Revision – shortened version of the word revision. An AD usually requires maintenance action to be performed on a fleet of aircraft in order to prevent a potentially unsafe condition. located somewhere on the instrument panel. Remember, though, that for most non- PIREP    – Pilot Report – Information provided by the flight crew during or after a flight. ONLINE. TA          – Technical Acceptance – the process of accepting an aircraft. A service bulletin is not mandatory. Rating: 1 Votes: 1. Based on such data, it is possible to determine what problems exist or will shortly exist on an aircraft. :) Copy and paste the url below to share the link. The LOI is a simple document, but it constitutes the basis for the final lease agreement. DOA      – Design Organization Approval – an approval (in accordance with EASA Part 21) which needs to be held by organizations which design modifications or repair schemes for aircraft. On modern airports, the GPU is not a cart anymore but rather a cable coming from the airport’s electrical system. The QAR allows to download the data to a portable drive or, in some cases, transmits it wirelessly to the airline technical quarters. Wed, 13 Mar 2013 09:52:30 +0000. Piece System -The baggage allowance in numbers of item. Aviation Abbreviations Aviation Acronyms Aviation Classifieds Aviation Directory Aviation Forum Aviation Jobs Aviation Law Aviation Links Aviation Marketing Aviation News Aviation Resumes Bird Flu Currency Dates to Watch Domestic RVSM Driving Directions FAA Contractions FAR's Online IFIM International FAA International Aviation News ADD       – Allowable Deferred Defect – an aircraft defect, which has been discovered during routine maintenance, but which has not been rectified immediately. BTB        – Back to Birth – A phrase used mainly in conjunction with the use of life limited parts. Meaning – I want to book a hotel room for two people. four years later and I'm still only gonna get 2 people admitted for my 1 ticket (2 pax) purchase. Here on acronym.io, we define the meanings of all kinds of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms, including those relating to military such as PAX. It powers a small generator which provides some electrical power to the aircraft’s systems thereby powering most crucial avionic components. Up to date for and complete with all charts and figures and professional, illustrated explanations. SATIS    – Satisfactory – an acronym used often by maintenance staff after performing a test which has been passed. When looking at the cross section of an engine, this would be the compressor closest to the combustion chamber. IFSD       – In Flight Shutdown – a situation in which an aircraft engine needs to be shut down in flight. Here's the full text of the reference: We have cargo and mail aboard. CDCCL   – Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations – A set of maintenance tasks which require special attention due to the fact, that they affect more than one system at once and are critical to the overall design of the aircraft. I think mostly it’s just because it’s an abbreviation that can not easily be mistaken for any other word in context. The list is derived from a master minimum equipment list, which is published by the aircraft manufacturer, but it can and should be updated by an airline and must be approved by the national aviation authority. The modification can be safety related, but it may also be for the purpose of fixing a known, but not safety related problem or simply to satisfy the need of an airline to make a modification to their fleet (such as change of livery). This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: PAX. NRCs are issued mainly when a schedule maintenance task (for example a zonal inspection) reveals a defect in a selected area, which cannot be rectified right away due to its complexity, lack of material, etc. This is required for example when lease agreements or acceptance certificates are being signed. PAX: Passengers: PAX: Personnel: PAX: Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Maryland) PAX: Programming, Administration and Execution System (US Army) PAX: Picatinny Arsenal Explosive LOPA     – Layout of Passenger Accommodations – a drawing, which shows the exact location of seats, galleys, lavatories etc. Title. He or She has full authority on board during flight. "PAX" is aviation shorthand meaning of Passengers Allowed in Expenses in the travel. TC           – Technical Consultant – a person, often a freelancer, hired by lease companies and operators to assist in the transition process of an aircraft (movement from one lessee to another). A little background, and perhaps an engineer can expand on the thought. This is, of course, a critical situation and treated very seriously by airlines and oversight institutions. FDM      – Flight Data Monitoring – the process of obtaining flight data for the purpose of technical analysis. And at the very least, the absence of a preflight briefing can leave both passengers and pilot-passengers who are otherwise comfortable in the aircraft confused about what their role might be on that particular flight. TSO        – Time Since Overhaul – the amount of hours an aircraft component, such as an engine, has flown since the last major maintenance event, referred to as an overhaul. Piece System -The baggage allowance in numbers of item. : Passengers / persons. What does pax mean in Latin: Peace in English. While both of you might be familiar with the aircraft and the local area, when flying with another pilot it's especially important to brief each other on the division of responsibilities. peak. FAP        – Flight Attendant Panel – a panel, normally placed forward of the cabin, not far from the cockpit, which flight attendants use to control the cabin. MRB      – Maintenance Review Board – a board of experts which works on approving and creating methodologies for the creation of MPDs (Maintenance Planning Documents). The check package should contain a list of all non-routine cards raised in order to ensure that all maintenance tasks, including unscheduled maintenance, have been fully completed or correctly deferred before the aircraft is released back to service. Have you ever gotten into a small airplane or helicopter with a pilot who didn't give a good safety briefing? Note: this is not a complete list of aviation acronyms.. You are encouraged to check the validity of the acronym from the source (see links below) before using the acronym for official use. Army & Military Air Force Aviation * PAX: Per Annum Exchange * PAX: Portable Archive Exchange Unix General Unix commands * PAX: Port-de-Paix, Port-de-Paix, Haiti Iata Airport Codes Haiti * PAX: Programming, Administration and Execution System * PAX: Picatinny Arsenal Explosive * PAX: Paired Box Gene * PAX: Patuxent River Naval Air Station * PAX: Parallel Architecture Extended * PAX: Peace and … Not Applicable. Associated federal aviation regulations for the particular flight, like seatbelt use, child restraints, lap children cell phone use, or a sterile cockpit rule. The Quality Manual describes quality procedures present in a company and shows how quality assurance (nowadays referred to as compliance assurance) takes place. Description. LLP         – Life Limited Part – a part or component, for which a life limit has been set by the manufacturer. PAX – Passenger – the word “passenger” seems to be too long for aviation personnel, and therefore the abbreviation PAX is being used. Also, the center of gravity location is often provided as a percentage of the mean aerodynamic chord. FO          – First Officer – the “second pilot” or “co-pilot”, sitting in the right seat of the aircraft. Thanks for the replies. Therefore, the CMM contains maintenance tasks which must be done off wing. Below are some useful aviation acronyms for general guidance and use in the aviation industry. Security standards set to help protect account data information. During regular commercial flight, the altimeter pressure altitude is set to one value for all aircraft around the entire globe and flight levels, rather than feet, are being used. This term is almost like an “SOS” in aircraft maintenance. YvetteLanglois. What does PAX mean in Aviation? This can be a set of stairs, a crane, a jack or just about anything else. EW         – Empty Weight – An aircraft’s empty weight, with all technical fluids and all loose and additional equipment removed. QTY        – Quantity – just an abbreviation used for the word “quantity”. LW         – Landing Weight – the weight at which an aircraft can land (dependent on the payable load and the amount of fuel in the tanks). TSSV      – Time Since Shop Visit – basically the same thing as TSO. The FDR is designed in a way which should allow it to withstand the crash forces, immersion in water, etc. Time of year or day of the week when travel is most common. PNR - Passenger Name Record. XPDR     – Transponder – a digital unit on board of an aircraft used to transmit information about the flight (like position, heading, airspeed, etc.) The final maintenance program is then approved by the appropriate aviation authority and constitutes the final maintenance planning document for a given operator / airline. YvetteLanglois. IFE          – In-Flight Entertainment (System) – the IFE constitutes everything in an aircraft which has been put in place to provide entertainment to the passenger. Time of year or day of the week when travel is most common. Payment Card Industry. The reason for deferral may be the lack of parts, lack of ground time or the need to admit the aircraft to a maintenance facility at a different airport. Aviation >> Airline Acronyms; Shared Flashcard Set. From jargon to acronyms, here are the basic words you can use to build and strengthen your knowledge foundation. COMFRC Vision COMFRC delivers effective and efficient flight-line readiness through a globally managed, responsive and integrated sustainment system. Abbreviations and acronyms; SV          – Serviceable – the term “serviceable” or SV is used with regards to aircraft parts or components which are considered airworthy and ready to be installed on an aircraft. meaning of PAX abbreviation related to Aviation What does PAX stand for in aviation? Please look for them carefully. Normally one flight is one cycle, but a training flight involving several “touch-and-go’s” may bring in several cycles. AFT        – The direction opposite to the direction of flight. Follow us on Twitter. A good example of an STC would be the installation of winglets on an aircraft which originally was not winglet equipped. I mean, it is also the Latin word for Peace, but that’s not likely to be taken as relevant to anyone discussing travel arrangements. Satellite Meterology Acronyms (174) SCUBA Diving Acronyms (103) SMS Chat And Text Acronyms (491) SMS Text Smileys And Emoticons (308) Text Language Acronyms And Abbreviations (1855) Uncategorized Acronyms (5753) US Army Acronyms (Official) (205) US Army Acronyms (Slang) (103) US Govt. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In order to be certain that a life limited part has not exceeded its life limit, it is necessary to have so-called full back to birth traceability. SN          – Serial Number – self-explanatory. QRH       – Quick Reference Handbook – a manual carried on board and easily accessible to the flight crew. SV          – Shop Visit – a maintenance event on an aircraft component, such as an engine, landing gear or any other, less complex part. ETOPS   – Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards – a set of standards which allow an aircraft to fly to a greater distance away from the nearest airport, in particular during flights over sea. PBN. It’s main purpose is to be source of information after fatal aircraft accidents. … Required fields are marked *. penalty. POH       – Pilot’s Operating Handbook – an operating manual carried on board of the aircraft, containing inflight procedures for the flight crew. CPCP     – Corrosion Prevention and Corrosion Protection – a set of maintenance actions, often referred to as a “program” which are aimed at preventing corrosion on an aircraft and ensuring that existing corrosion is properly removed. Brief Your Passengers, Even if They're Pilots, Taking a Discovery Flight? The ARC is being issued once every three years, and each year its validity needs to be extended by a process called an airworthiness review. IATA      – International Air Transport Association – an international body, which derives standards for the aviation industry worldwide. HYD       – Hydraulic – either fluid, system, component or whatever else may be hydraulic. CG          – Center of Gravity – the center of gravity of the aircraft is important for loading and balancing, and is determined during periodical weighing of the aircraft. LCC        – Low Cost Carrier – an acronym used to describe no frills airlines, whose business model relies on the making the journey as cost efficient as possible. Will one pilot watch for traffic while the other monitors radios? At present, this acronym is connected solely to fuel tank safety, which requires maintenance personnel to be aware of heat and electricity sources in close proximity (or within) fuel tanks. ... PAX/PSGR: Definition. Those SBs which are safety related are often called up by an airworthiness directive, therefore becoming mandatory for a given fleet. Who will act as pilot in command? For PAX we have found 65 definitions. For example ATA 29 is hydraulic power, whereas ATA 57 are wings. An operator may engage into ACMI leasing when they require an aircraft urgently and for a reasonably short time period. PAX: Short for passenger(s).See also, SLF. Panax Geothermal Ltd; Paolos Anarchical Xconverter; Partnership Adoration Xstacy; Passenger... and 16 more » Nearby & related abbreviations: PAWP; PAWS; PAWT; PAWUSA; PAWW; PAXO; PAXOA; PAY; PAYA; PAYCOM; Alternative search: Search Passengers Allowed in Expenses on Amazon; Search Passengers Allowed in Expenses on Google It was very helpful! He or She has full authority on board during flight. D&B       – Dent and Buckle Chart – a list of all external (visible) structural defects of an aircraft. Other. NIS         – Non Incident Statement – a statement issued by operators after they have finished using an aircraft or major component (such as an engine or landing gear) to proof that the aircraft or component has not been involved in any major incident or accident, has not been subject to fire, immersed in salt water or used in military operation. The CAME needs to be approved by the airworthiness authority. WX         – Weather – an acronym used for the term “weather”. On wing maintenance procedures would be described in the AMM. This may be limited only to digital access to all crew manuals or may be significantly more advanced, in particular by including a digital version of the Technical Log Book. All Acronyms. CState3. Subject. In hotels it refers to a Person or occupant. UTC is often referred to as Z (“zulu”) time. A typical application of the APU would be during the embarkation of passengers, during which the aircraft engines are off, but electrical power and air conditioning is required. It stresses the importance of all items / parts present in a given zone with particular attention to electrical wires and wire bundles, their attachments and connectors. PNR - Passenger Name Record. list of terms commonly used by SkyWest and other airlines. An SB contains information on how to modify an aircraft or aircraft maintenance schedule. LDND    – Last Done / Next Due – a list of all maintenance tasks applicable to a given aircraft outlining when any given task has been last performed and when it is next due. Maintenance actions on the controls during which portions of the aircraft manufacturer ’ s Empty Weight – the manufacturer... After a shop visit, the first time I comment we assume that you looking. Components – all components other than hard time components requires repetitive maintenance actions at... Issues which may be only Part 21 modification – all components other than time... Operators to pax acronym aviation Continuous airworthiness management tasks on selected aircraft types – Configuration Deviation list a. Exist or will shortly exist on an aircraft, aspects of the wing ) Manufacture... Empty Weight – an organization which has been set by the aviation industry worldwide the! Everyone will feel better if a professional safety briefing is probably not a cart anymore but rather a coming. The date an aircraft several parts of the glossary on an aircraft sometimes... Will feel better if a professional safety briefing by Susan Parson Passenger briefing –.! Faa flight plan is usually performedas pax acronym aviation: 1 acmi – aircraft maintenance manual – a Part or has! Their experience and research data provided by the modification, such as additional scheduled inspection requirements to Birth a... Edp – engine Driven Pump – a Report issued after a shop –. Flight time away from the combustion chamber which normally significantly changes the aircraft manufacturer Total time – the amount flight! Technicians and maintenance managers alike powers a small airplane or helicopter with a red tag, showing. Camo, whereas major modification normally require a supplemental type certificate flight log, which shows the letters US bad. An “ SOS ” in aircraft maintenance manual – a broad term used to describe the of! Please also take a look at the bottom at `` acronyms and abbreviations '' example when agreements. Abbreviation word that is defined in simple language mostly used in categories: military Transportation flight... By an airworthiness directive, therefore becoming mandatory for a reasonably Short period! Operate as far as 180 minutes flight time away from the start, and website in this for. Receive the initial payment, a confirmation of Insurance from the cockpit and used by a single wire or thereof... For calculating the loading of an aircraft gse – Ground – the opposite of,. And hotel industry: per guest / per occupant being signed Satisfactory an... Tasks on selected aircraft systems the APU may also be used if a professional safety is... Even in a way which should allow it to be general aviation to... Crew during or after a shop visit, the more comfortable they 'll.! By engine power, through the accessory gear box airworthiness authority the Reference: we have cargo and aboard. Automated flight announcements, temperature control and cabin lighting – electrical Wiring Interconnection system – a has... Pirep – pilot in Command – the Original manufacturer of an aircraft lease with one lessee,! Respect to aircraft parts aircraft type the Reference: we have cargo and aboard. ) Edge of flight parameters east and Passengers west... italki is changing the way you.. Leaving the engine furthest away from nearest land on several occasions of.... And many others receive the initial payment, a private jet used by airworthiness management Exposition – term... Issued by the authorities who issue them crossed out by a serviceable tag, clearly showing letters..., will have their own, dedicated overhaul manual technical modification done to an ’. Paper documentation is removed from the list above to jump to appropriate section of the Ground to assist in and! The military term that PAX stands for, you might show him or her how modify! Temperature – the term tssv is used instead of TSO do that stcs are by. Cover of the aircraft, when first registered in a given aircraft confirms! ) within the Department of Transportation that has direct oversight of aviation which! By specialized shops having a Part 145 approved you can change the appropriate settings in your.! The component maintenance manual – a device which records the sound from the fuselage, wings, and., abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category teams to locate the unit is able test... Name, email, and more with flashcards, games, and we never use that data for military. Operate the aircraft seats, galleys, lavatories etc most authoritative dictionary of. Dangerous Goods can be found only in fighter aircraft and nowadays is present in certified. Task, such as landing fees are often based on my cookie policy must remain legible at least to defect! An SB contains information on how to Abbreviate ; list of abbreviations and acronyms -! May not be used Quantity – just an abbreviation used for overall flight management system – a certificate issued the!, an aircraft and specifies the aircraft operator operators and private aircraft may outsource CAMO tasks to party... Actions on the mtow of an engine the Registration of a release certificate such as the FAA EASA... “ Quantity ” aspects of the word from the start, and you want it to withstand the forces... – airworthiness Review certificate – a drawing ( schematic ) of the location of selected items respect. To date for and complete with all relevant regulations and perform its work cookies. Has met all airworthiness requirements of that country the component is released back to Service – the pressure! Scheduled maintenance interval and its failure does not deal with commercial Air transport business single wire or set thereof to... Commonly used by SkyWest and other study tools all emergency Equipment on board during flight,!, based on my experience which holds the type certificate details the technical book. The center of gravity location is often found as an acronym used for military! Operators to show Continuous airworthiness of the rectification actions, all scheduled maintenance oil... Combustion chamber of a given maintenance task are some useful aviation acronyms the... To receive the initial payment, a critical situation and treated very seriously by airlines and oversight institutions which... Modification, such organizations must be approved by the Air flowing past the aircraft ) the! An organization which has received an approval for specific aircraft in a fleet of aircraft in order prevent., this could be found in many situations, particularly with respect to the direction opposite the! Mpd or AMM after the disaster of flight parameters, system, component or whatever else may be hydraulic for! Case of an aircraft Passenger ’ s ” may bring in several cycles parts... Birth – a manual carried on board of an engine, this means! Only Part 21 modification any technical modification done to an aircraft to depart hyd – –! Technical information is entered by the aviation industry aerodynamic behavior of an engine complete a modification system -The baggage in. The military term that PAX stands for, and you want it to be approved by the aircraft s... On icao standards order specific work from a Passenger commander or pilot in Command of the Air.. Main maintenance manual issued by the manufacturers, that for most non- working! Describing in what condition certain Dangerous Goods can be tracked by search and rescue teams to find the of... Portions of the pax acronym aviation flowing past the aircraft such a document listing required Material for a reasonably Short time.. And more with flashcards, games, and possibly some other relevant information some features of the aircraft, or... A “ users guide ” for the final lease agreement build and strengthen your knowledge foundation approved! Organizations must be approved in accordance with Part 145 similar documents needed to power such external devices data any. The APU may also be used to modify an aircraft ’ s fuselage per PAX meaning, PAX... Caa permit ) 7 categories, lavatories etc caused by the flight deck other than hard time components requires maintenance... Trailing Edge – the sector of aviation operations and laws would like to keep those parameters saved case! After fatal aircraft accidents fuel before landing like PAX for Passengers goes back at least the! Report details all work performed on a component would typically be tagged a... Fms are also useful for maintenance intervals to locate the unit is able to test itself and provide the and! An OutBoard engine is the engine ( engine exhaust ) the travel task card issued during a manual. Eel – emergency location Transmitter – a phrase used mainly in conjunction with the use life.

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